Holding your memories close to my heart with just being dragged down to the pool of emotions, walking barefoot to the lonely paths searching for shelter with a heavy heart. Searching for you in every face, hoping maybe‚Äč you will come to find me mate. Empty stomach with dry eyes, wishing I just get drowned [...]

Dark mystery

Solace in the peace, peace in the darkness, darkness in the night and the night- beginning of the new story. Rise of the moon, birth of devil. Death, to witness the chills and thrills. Depth of sea to dive through the layers of mind engulfing the solitude and coming out as emerging life- full of [...]


A girl with dreams, wanted to fly over the seas. Smile on her lips, sparkle in her eyes. Learning to fly with dream of heights. Oh one more bird is overcoming her fears. Look at her, those eyes, they have dreamed for something big. That fearless look on her bright face, anyone can fall in [...]


 It was all started with flashback. Your galaxy eyes was so captivating, inviting me to just get drown in them. Your smile was like fireworks, so bright. I was just staring at you. You seemed to me like a mystery portrait. Your voice was like beautiful music, attracting me towards you like magnet. A beautiful novel [...]

Amazing logic

India's logic is very unique. India is being known as land of customes andtraditions. If you have to do something you should carry along your traditions with you even you don't know anything about them. If you are not doing this you are disrespecting your culture. Isn't this sounds funny How can you force someone [...]


Freedom, what does that even mean . Freedom for what ? We say that our constitution gave us right to freedom but did we ever exactly used that right. Freedom, this seven letter word have very deep meaning. Freedom to live, freedom to become whatever you want to , freedom to do whatever you want [...]